Driver monitoring systems for a safe, autonomous future

How do we ensure the person behind the wheel is prepared to drive? A driver monitoring system (DMS) identifies the drowsiness and distraction level of the driver. Visteon’s infrared camera-based solution is capable of facial recognition and incorporates artificial intelligence to monitor driver distraction, drowsiness, emotion, and head and eye gaze. Our range of solutions can increase vehicle safety today, while allowing for a scalable approach as new autonomous features are deployed to comply with safety regulations.

Monitoring the cabin for new models of mobility

Real-time occupant monitoring of the complete cabin is key to traditional and new mobility models such semi-autonomous and fully autonomous driving. Visteon’s solution combines the latest sensors, algorithms leveraging computer vision, and AI-based deep learning methods with the fusion of thermal sensor data. What results is a safe and intelligent vehicle that is capable of occupant identification, eye tracking, emotional assessment, health monitoring, activity tracking, and knowing whether a child or object has been left behind.