End-to-end comprehensive cybersecurity process

Today’s cars have multiple computers (ECUs) running millions of lines of software code that control virtually all aspects of vehicle operation. As cars get connected to the internet, cyber protection of these ECUs is critical to ensure vehicle safety. Visteon incorporates end-to-end cybersecurity – from the design and development of the ECUs to secure manufacturing of these products – and then keeps the technology up-to-date in the field with secure OTA updates.

State-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions

Visteon offers robust security solutions to protect data, applications and associated infrastructure. We design the ECU to be secure by implementing HSM/SHE capabilities, and implementing a secure boot solution to only run authenticated application software and firmware. Our approach addresses multiple areas of vulnerability, ranging from internet communications to vehicle data storage.

Securing manufacturing

Visteon’s public key infrastructure (PKI) supports the infrastructure required for authenticating the software running in the ECU. Secure manufacturing systems and one-time programmable fuses provide a strong chain for securing the ECU.

Ensuring secure over-the-air updates

With an increase in electronics and displays, it is essential to securely support over the air (OTA) updates to keep the content fresh and running on the latest software. A two-copy OTA update method and consistent packaging ensures that the ECU is running the latest updates and security patches