Visteon | Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence for autonomous driving


Self-driving cars generate huge amounts of data from multiple sensors of the external environment and also within the cabin. Artificial intelligence technology enables the car to analyze this large amount of data and understand its environment – including the road infrastructure, other cars, pedestrians, etc. – and monitor the occupants of the vehicle. Visteon’s state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms offer advanced perception, localization and driver monitoring capabilities that are key to the development of self-driving cars.

Driver and cabin monitoring for Level 2+ automated driving


As cars become capable of driving themselves under specific conditions, it is critical that the handover of control of vehicle from the car back to the driver happens on a moment’s notice. Driver monitoring systems (DMS) play a critical role in ensuring drivers are paying attention. Visteon’s See ‘n Sense driver monitoring system is based on artificial intelligence and is capable of face recognition, head and eye gaze tracking, and emotion and drowsiness detection.

Artificial intelligence based smart voice assistant for the cockpit


Voice is the preferred mode of interaction with in-vehicle systems for most users. People are already accustomed to using voice for interaction with their phones and smart home speakers such as Alexa and Google Home. Visteon is bringing a voice-based smart assistant to the vehicle cockpit with our innovative Say ‘n Serve technology that is based on artificial intelligence. This technology is designed to work very well in the car, and does not require connectivity to the cloud.

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