Featured technology

At the core of the autonomous future

Visteon debuts infotainment technology in 2020 VW Nivus crossover

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Peugeot hatchback restyle includes Visteon advanced cockpit technology

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Visteon supplies innovative technology to India’s top-selling SUV

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Artificial Intelligence

Making autonomous vehicles smarter

Deep learning systems based on artificial intelligence will help autonomous vehicles navigate based on experience.

Cloud Services

Context through the cloud

The industry is casting its eyes to the cloud for applications and services to keep drivers organized.

Cyber Security

Staying connected and secured

Vehicle connectivity and data privacy issues underscore the need for comprehensive cybersecurity.


Driving decisions digitally

The evolution of display technology requires expertise in design and integration for the best consumer experience.

Driver Monitoring

Keeping an eye on the driver

Advanced cameras that detect driver alertness are coming into focus inside autonomous cars.