RISE at Visteon

RISE at Visteon

Be part of the exciting innovations happening within Visteon!

RISE at Visteon is a program designed for recent or soon-to-be software engineer graduates who want to earn a place in our global software engineering organization.

This is a global Visteon program, and you would get to participate in it in your city.

You will work with some of the industry’s best engineering minds, on cutting-edge tech, for the world’s leading OEMs, over a two-year span.

You will contribute to the transformation of the mobility industry’s technology, helping design and build safer, more connected, and always exciting, driving experiences!



What are we looking for?

  • Recent or soon-to-be software engineering graduates
  • Daredevil engineers with a passion for automotive technology
  • Growth mindset: the curiosity to evolve as the industry changes
  • Dreamers and imaginers with an entrepreneurial sprit


Why would you want to be part of the program?

  • Work with a variety of great engineering leaders on cutting-edge technology
  • Exposure to diverse areas of the industry with the world’s leading OEMs
  • Professional development opportunities – leadership and technical ladder paths available
  • Work on challenging, impactful products; become an integral part of the future of global mobility


Where are the jobs located in the program?

Visteon is a global organization, and we are looking for recent engineering graduates who are eager for global experiences at our locations:

About Visteon

Why Visteon?

Mobility is the most relevant, dynamic, and exciting area of technology, offering more opportunities for great transformation than any other field.

As a leader in mobility technology, Visteon offers immense opportunities for technology talent to thrive. Our workplace drives innovation, advances careers, and builds leaders.

Be the future of mobility at Visteon.