Visteon | Electrification

Supporting the transformation to electric vehicles

Visteon is supporting the industry’s expanding electric vehicle (EV) market through our cockpit electronic products. Many of these products work seamlessly on EVs, as well as traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. Visteon’s Smart Battery Management System (SmartBMS) provides a scalable solution for modular and reusable battery packs. Our products are already on some of the best-selling EVs such as the Renault Zoe.

Visteon Brings its Spirit of Innovation to Automotive Electrification

We are using our passion for innovation to keep our customers ahead of the curve by supporting the global growth of electric vehicles with technologies like our wireless battery management system.

Visteon announces first production-intent wireless battery management technology

  • Customizable and scalable for multiple electric vehicle platforms
  • Wireless technology, built in collaboration with General Motors and other partners, reduces battery failure and maximizes performance, reliability and longevity
  • First application is for GM electric vehicles

Scalable and flexible solutions for any EV platform

Visteon’s automotive-grade SmartBMS builds on our decades of experience as a developer of cockpit electronics supporting the evolving electric vehicle market. Scalable and flexible solutions designed to support modular and reusable battery packs are critical to vehicle platform future proofing. Optimized and integrated designs achieve ASIL requirements while delivering on cost targets. Connectivity adds the ability for automakers to update and upgrade over time.

Maximizing battery life to ensure longevity

Visteon’s BMS technology monitors automotive battery packs continuously for state of health and state of charge. The battery control unit (BCU) is the centralized control system and performs cell state management, total charge management, safety and vehicle interface. The BCU interacts with battery cells using either wired or wireless architectures. Visteon’s wireless battery management system also includes individual wireless cell monitoring units and a wireless network manager unit. Our fully integrated BMS meets optimized integrated EV architectures of the future.

Supporting AutoTech’s Electric Evolution with Innovation and Talent

As the global automotive industry undergoes a once-in-a-century transformation, Visteon is using its automotive electronics capability to support the global growth of electric vehicles.