Automotive displays… thinking outside the rectangle

LCD displays in cars have been flat, rectangular and low resolution since the beginning. However, as the cockpit becomes a smart mobile digital assistant, there is increased need for bigger, higher-resolution, more immersive displays. Next-generation cockpit displays are curved and offer high resolution at much larger sizes than current displays. Visteon is one of the largest suppliers of automotive displays to the industry and has multiple years of experience in critical aspects of automotive use cases, such as head impact safety, long life, extreme temperatures, vibrations and reflectivity.

The art and science of automotive display manufacturing

Visteon is inventing new techniques in the bonding and assembly of large, curved displays to meet the increasing demand from the industry. Visteon’s highly automated display manufacturing facilities operate at ISO 7 cleanroom standards to offer state-of-the-art quality and yield of these complex display systems.

Curves are shaping the future

Bigger, higher resolution, curved displays offer a more immersive user experience while enhancing the car manufacturer’s brand. Visteon’s display design and manufacturing capabilities are transforming the shape of vehicle displays, with surfaces sweeping across the entire dashboard, photo-realistic color rendering and contrast, freeform shapes, flowing curves and slim profiles.