What’s in it for you?

Working at Visteon is a journey in which our employees can develop their strengths and advance their careers while making a difference globally. If you’re looking for an opportunity that will change the world and how we interact with vehicles, join us. Visteon is where the best technical talent creates the future.

Apply your passion for technology

Experience the excitement of working for an innovative core technology company that is leading the digital revolution in automotive cockpit electronics, delivering key product platforms that are essential to the cockpit of the future and autonomous mobility.

Amazing job content

Do meaningful and rewarding work. Get recognized for doing great things in a company with a business model that is innovative, nimble, customer-focused, entrepreneurial and global. 

Work with the best

Work with some of the best technical experts in the industry in a  fast-paced environment that is focused on technology and innovation in one of the most exciting areas of technology today.

Great exposure and learning

Work on multiple projects and with the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, across various functional domains. Develop your skills and gain experience in emerging areas of technology such as artificial Intelligence, sensor-based automation, and new silicon and software technologies in a global setting.

Opportunity to make a difference

Impact the future of society through a company that is advancing safer, more automated mobility and a seamless user experience. Work in a sector that is a significant driver of research and development investment and a key contributor to the GDP.  


Work in an inclusive and supportive organizational culture that values employee well-being.

Be part of a global company poised for growth

Contribute to a global organization, interacting with employees across 18 countries. Visteon is poised for growth, with large backlog of business and a growing base of top-tier OEM customers. Build your career in a growing company that has opportunities across multiple sites globally.

A culture where everyone benefits

Visteon has a range of opportunities, including our technical ladder program, which offer a path for progressive career development in all types of engineering disciplines including: software, ADAS, electrical, mechanical, systems, manufacturing, quality and product assurance. Career development is not just limited to technical roles; we offer mentorships and rotational programs as well as continued education benefits.The FutureMakers program, launched in 2016, further recognizes key talent that is noticeably impacting Visteon’s future.

Visteon proudly supports youth and environmental programs in the communities where our employees live and work. Through donations, fundraising and employee volunteer efforts, we support programs that provide food, shelter and health care to those in need. Visteon employees have the opportunity to mentor and provide real-world experiences for students interested in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.

Visteon’s strong, high-performing company culture encourages our employees continually push the boundaries of what is possible – both in their careers and communities.

Visteon Leadership Principles

Our Leaders:

Lead from the front

Empowering their teams to create exceptional customer value

Being on the field and off the sidelines

Solving problems holistically

Demonstrating that the best decisions are those made by critically thinking problems all the way through

Doing what they say, and saying what they do

Inspire change

Having a compelling vision backed up by plausible strategies and plans

Pursuing disruptive innovation and bringing others along with them

Communicating with authenticity and factual insights 

Generating optimism about what’s possible 

Being humble, real and open to feedback

Build strong teams

Ensuring that every employee plays to their strengths and full potential

Giving employees a voice through opportunities for debate and ideation

Collaborating across boundaries to reduce unproductive friction and build bridges

Taking seriously their role in attracting and growing key talent

Are market leaders

Knowing the industry (its products, competitors, and trends) inside and out

Translating market and customer trends into business opportunities

Demonstrating the courage to ask tough and provoking questions that could change the game

Embracing a growth mindset to continuously anticipate and adapt to what’s next