Earth Day 2023: Driving Down Green House Gas Emissions and Investing in an Electrifying Future

It’s one thing to talk about driving down greenhouse gas emissions, but it’s another thing to actually do it. That’s why Earth Day is a perfect time to feature the work our engineers have been doing behind the scenes at Visteon to reduce our carbon footprint.

To successfully reduce greenhouse gas emissions, Visteon engineers are strategizing ways for our locations and products to consume less energy.

At the plant level, we have installed solar panels at various Visteon locations around the world. So far we have rolled out green energy technology at Visteon locations in India, Portugal and China just to name a few, with more to come in Thailand, Japan and the UK this year.

A normal home that utilizes solar technology may only have 12-16 solar panels, whereas locations like our facility in Chennai, India, have hundreds of solar panels covering the roof. The solar panels allow Visteon Chennai to utilize 100 percent renewable energy five months out of the year. At our facility in Palmela, Portugal, solar panels generate enough electricity to reduce the carbon footprint to close to zero for manufacturing. As of 2023, 10% of Visteon’s global electricity is from on-site solar electricity.

Other sustainability initiatives to reduce energy consumption at plants and in our offices:

  • LED lighting in most places.
  • Encouraging low-carbon food choices and tree planting.
  • Promoting greener commuting.
  • Working on further reducing MWh per unit produced.
  • EV chargers for employees and pool cars.

Visteon is also committed to reducing waste.  A “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” mindset is embedded in our daily operations. The manufacturing facilities have been able to recycle over 90% of the solid waste generated by their operations.  One great example is the reduction of thirty-six tons of waste annually by utilizing reusable bins in our factories.

Engineers also took innovative approaches with renewable energy and the products in Visteon’s portfolio. They designed revolutionary software that significantly reduces the need to drive high power to large displays. Now, we can make a 12” display that require significantly less watts of power than similar displays on the market.

As Earth Day comes to a close, it’s a great reminder that how we invest in our future, also impacts how we invest in our planet. That’s pretty electrifying.




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