Visteon’s Global Women in Leadership Program Credited for Rapid Growth in Top-Tier Roles Among Female Employees

Visteon’s ground-breaking initiative, Momentum: Elevating Women in Leadership, is only in its second year, and it’s already making a significant impact within the company as 60 percent of women from the program’s first year have advanced to higher roles.

Since the initiative kicked off in 2021, participation has increased by 40 percent, with women chosen to participate from all over the world, including Europe, APAC, and the Americas. Participants come from different backgrounds, as their roles and experience span through engineering, finance, HR, sales, and manufacturing, building a diverse community of knowledge. Momentum’s enhanced platform empowers women to develop other women regardless of location, function, time zone, job level, or background.

This year’s program incorporates interactive workshop sessions with a leadership development coach, during which participants are challenged to dig deep and examine their mindsets and beliefs, learn how to lead from personal vision, and develop further the ever-so-critical communication and networking skills. Regular meetups within the regions and open dialogue with mentors and sponsors provide incredible value and create an even stronger network where women can support each other, exchange ideas and experiences and make powerful connections to help advance in their careers.

Participants say Momentum is a valuable resource and learning opportunity that builds their confidence and paves the way for them to seek new roles and broader collaboration opportunities. “The impact has been very positive. I’m already feeling stronger after the courses and listening to the information shared by my female peers. I have already started applying what I learned in the workshops on how to be influential and work at my right level,” said Yandí Ricaño, Engineering Manager, Americas, and current Momentum participant.

The program’s mentoring component consists of one-on-one and group coaching and is a catalyst to foster a community of strong and empowered women worldwide as the benefits continue long after a participant finishes the program.

“Momentum changed my career trajectory, helping me to build the self-confidence I needed to aspire to take on bigger roles within the company,” said Happy Li, Product Delivery Business Office Manager in China. “I have kept in contact with both my Momentum mentor and sponsor, which has been a great resource and helped me grow professionally.”

The program will culminate in May when each group of women presents their capstone project to the Visteon executive team – an opportunity to utilize the leadership and communication skills learned during the program to solve real-world problems. This year the project pool is even more significant, giving participants the opportunity to learn the business from every angle. Visteon mentors and leaders throughout the company widely regard it as a program which cultivates strong and strategic female leaders, building their confidence to take new roles in assignments, and removing barriers to gender diversity in the workplace.