Visteon Leadership and Technology Take Center Stage at the 2019 Ludwigsburg Automobil-Elektronik Kongress

The International Automotive Electronics Congress in Ludwigsburg is convening for the 23rd year on June 25 and 26, bringing together the best and brightest thought leaders to discuss current trends in the industry. Visteon’s presence will be hard to miss with President and CEO Sachin Lawande delivering a keynote address on day two, and our expertly staffed booth showcasing the latest autonomous driving technology. If that doesn’t whet the appetite of attendees, a Visteon-sponsored ice cream station at the main floor entrance will bring new meaning to “cool technology.”  

In his presentation at 9 a.m. CET on June 26, Lawande will provide unique insight into a centralized computing solution that is fully scalable to Level 2-5 autonomous driving. In fact, Visteon’s main message throughout the conference is that architecting a centralized, scalable, and modular platform like DriveCoreTM is essential for failsafe Level 2+ autonomous driving and early consumer and infrastructure adoption.

Interested in learning more about our approach to autonomous driving? Check out the video below and bring your questions to our team at Booth 33 on the second level at the Forum am Schlosspark. Or, use your phone to scan the QR code on your complimentary ice cream to see where it takes you.