Visteon Career Profile: Kris Doyle, Vice President, Treasurer and Investor Relations

By: Elaine Zhu

Kristopher Doyle joined Visteon in 2018, and is vice president, treasurer and head of investor relations. He is mainly responsible for communicating with the investment community and developing long-term strategic insights. Doyle believes that transparency and honesty is the golden rule in managing investor relations. Last year, he was recognized in the “40 under 40” program by the National Investor Relations Institute.


What is your day-to-day life like at Visteon?

As the head of IR, I define and communicate Visteon’s value proposition to the investment community while providing insight to our leadership team on market trends and key developments. Although there are no typical days in this role, I do spend a lot of my time speaking with investors, reading research materials and interacting with business leaders throughout our organization.   

What is the coolest thing about working at Visteon?

The automotive industry is changing rapidly, with vehicles becoming more connected and digital. This has created a great opportunity for Visteon, a pure play cockpit electronics company developing innovative products aligned with these secular trends. I think it makes working at Visteon extremely exciting.


What do you love the most about the culture at Visteon?

The willingness of individuals to teach. As someone coming from outside of the auto industry, I am fortunate to join an organization dedicated to educating its employees. This starts from the top as I frequently find myself asking questions to senior leaders who are keen on explaining the complexities of this industry and the nuances associated with cockpit electronics.


What advice would you give to someone considering working at Visteon?

I think Visteon is building an exciting product line to evolve the future cockpit, and it has been an adventurous and eye-opening experience to be part of the team. I would suggest you come in with a forward-looking mindset with the desire to learn and grow your career.


What would you say it takes to be successful with investor relations in the car industry?

Transparency and insight. Investor relations is a two way communication role where I provide insights for both external investors and internal management team. In difficult times like today, it is crucial to communicate to our investors with honesty and transparency, and it is also important to share industry developments and the investment community’s insights with our executive team. 


What is your proudest moment/achievement at Visteon?

Visteon has been going through a major transformation over the last few years, as we transition our product line to digital and connected solutions such as clusters, infotainment and displays. I am proud to be part of the team that interacts with investors to articulate our transformation vision and provide updates as we continue to make progress on next-generation product launches.