Vasantharani, Validation Leader Talks About Her Life In and Outside of Visteon – Diversity, Personal Growth and Professional Opportunities

Vasantharani JohnSamuel, Validation Leader for Asia Pacific led the latest Life as a Leader meeting at Visteon, designed to build personal connections with employees from around the globe and inspire our teammates to stay focused on their own professional aspirations.

Meet Vasantharani

People I know call me Vasanth. I am the first engineering graduate in my family. Innovation and integrity are the key pillars of my life and my focus is to make the best of today, for a brighter tomorrow. Prior to my role in validation, I gained experience working as a software developer in audio, digital radios, and Bluetooth domains.  In 2004, I was the first person from Visteon India to work on Bluetooth. As my career progressed, I moved to System Validation working on multiple product lines for global automakers. Today, as a System Validation leader, I enjoy my role as a technology leader and the gatekeeper of quality. 

I travel to unwind. I visit interesting places and meet new people from varied cultures. I also enjoy the beach – especially in the mornings. 

Exciting Industry Trends

The future landscape in automotive is being driven by large, curved digital displays, augmented reality and virtual vehicle assistants, and connected autonomous vehicles with advanced safety features. Visteon is developing technologies to grow and mature along with customer expectations including capabilities that will accommodate progressive testing of cybersecurity, functional safety, and robustness of algorithms for vision and voice recognition with AI.

I am proud that my team and our peers serve the world’s leading automakers with innovative technology centers across the continents. Visteon possesses extensive experience partnering with OEMs to provide technology solutions and exemplary testing capacity. Expert knowledge, skills, and understanding contribute fundamentally to the factors leading to success in delivering excellent quality – such as test coverage, test automation, and a dynamic and flexible strategy that leads to early detection of defects, saving on costs and time in product development. 

Working at Visteon

My team is multicultural with its members located throughout Japan and India, with varied expertise and experience – which can be seen when we work together towards one common goal. 

The diverse team environment is really fun, and it feels good to explore perspectives and work alongside people from different backgrounds. They are my pillars of support. A leader is nothing without the team.

Professional Growth

Last year I participated in a Visteon program called, Momentum. The program involves approximately 24 women leaders from the company who take part in a year-long journey enabling growth and leadership skills, with challenging, real discussions, thought-provoking activities, and hands-on learning. 

Here are a few of my key Momentum learnings:

Be nimble and agile: A leader needs to respond to changing markets and technology with agility and nimbleness, and lead technology disruptions.

Create a shared vision: Inspirational leaders communicate their purpose and vision with clarity and authenticity. 

It’s ok to not to have all the answers: Leaders should not be afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers and hone their understanding of the subject by asking questions and learning every day. 

Adopt a growth mindset: Unlearn what is obsolete. Believe that you can grow and learn and be better at being uncomfortable. 

Raise your hand: Don’t hesitate to speak out and share your thoughts. Ask questions and provide an opportunity to others to express themselves. Believe in yourself. 

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