The People Behind the Company | Meet Markus Gauer from Visteon Germany

We are very proud of the people who make up team Visteon. We have 10,000 employees who collaborate with one another across 16 countries, working together to deliver on our promises to our customers. Meet Markus Gauer, Customer Director and Managing Director of Visteon Germany. We hosted a question-and-answer session with Markus who got candid with us about the Visteon team in Germany.

Q: How long have you been with Visteon?
A: More than four years now.
Q: What has been your career trajectory since starting at Visteon Germany?
A: I started as a Chief Engineer working on products for one of our customers – a leading German automotive manufacturer, shortly before their launch. That’s when it all started. Then I transitioned to the next big platform for the same customer, which was launched two years ago.

I was also in charge of the program management and product delivery before taking over the Customer Director and Managing Director for Visteon Germany roles I am currently in.
Q: What excites you about the work you do at Visteon?
A: As customer director I am responsible for all the products Visteon develops for one of the leading German customers, overseeing the program management in terms of engineering of these products on a global level. An exciting part of what I do is engaging directly with the customer, showcasing our portfolio of cockpit electronics and electrification products and looking for new opportunities to help customers.
Since September, I have also been appointed Managing Director for Visteon Germany. Together with our leaders, I am really looking forward to strengthening our German sites to support Visteon’s global growth. German OEMs are shaping automotive technologies and it is crucial to have a supportive local presence to quickly respond to our customers’ requests.
Q: So, you are Visteon’s face in front of one of the largest carmakers in the world. What is it like to be in your shoes?
A: You need to care. The customer has to trust you and you have to build a solid foundation for this trust by delivering on the commitments you make. This is only possible with a strong team, who shares these values.
Q: In a few words, describe what it is like to be part of the Visteon Germany team.
A: Open-minded attitude, we stand in for each other and take responsibility. These are all building blocks for a successful team in my opinion. We have a mutual trust, and we rely on each other.
It is important that the people on my team know they are supported in their decision-making and that they feel confident to take the responsibility that goes along with that. Sometimes we have to make courageous decisions based on the information, time and resources.
Q: What moment have you been most proud of so far?
A: The Cockpit Domain Controller and the Instrument Cluster launches with one of the leading German customers we have. Instrument Cluster in particular was launched during the challenging pandemic times and despite all constraints, the team delivered on time. This was really appreciated by the customer.

Q: What are you most proud of when it comes to your team?
A: The trust I have in them. We can always rely on one another. As I mentioned earlier, I am very proud of the fact that we have proactive teams who make thought-through decisions.
Q: As managing Director, what is your vision for Visteon Germany in the future?
A: The German OEMs are setting technological trends and are maintaining focus on quality, appearance and performance. Our technological roadmaps and excellence in program management and product development are meeting their needs and with our footprint in Germany we are very close to our customers. We have positioned ourselves as a main partner for development and future supply needs.
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