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Passion for Technology, People and Community

Through pioneering electronics solutions and key product platforms, Visteon innovates and delivers cutting-edge technology – designed by a world-class workforce for the global automotive industry. Upholding our ethical obligation, we strive to tangibly progress in a manner that balances profitable growth with the need to protect our environment and support the global communities where we have an invested presence.

Our Corporate Sustainability Report assesses our progress in fulfilling our global sustainability strategy. It illustrates how we develop and ensure the safety of our people, govern our company, protect the environment, engage our communities, ensure quality products and align sustainability principles with our supply chain.

“Despite the unexpected disruption, Visteon continued to grow its businesses and provide shareholder value by managing and leveraging resources and operations in a manner that promoted good citizenship and a healthy environment and community, while executing its commitment to provide customers with the innovations and technologies they need.”

Sachin Lawande

President and CEO

Sustainability Strategy

No single group can solve the world’s problems, but public companies like ours can move the collective needle by utilizing their human and financial resources to innovate in ways that benefit both private interests and the public good. Visteon’s three pillars of sustainability utilize these measures and provide a solid foundation to plan, engage and distribute effectively in this area.

Social Equity

Safe working conditions
Wellness activities
Community service
Equality and inclusivity
People development
Inclusive growth

Environmental Protection

Energy and water conservation
Products to support protection of natural resources
Reduce, recycle and reuse

Economic Viability

Product quality
Profitable growth
Customer focus

Diversity and Inclusion

For Visteon, diversity represents an environment of open communication where the contributions of all employees are valued. As a multicultural organization, Visteon embraces human differences and harnesses the power of its employees’ varied backgrounds, cultures and experiences to create a competitive edge. Visteon will continue to succeed by fully engaging the diverse talents of all its employees.

People and Community 

Visteon hosts two-day public webinar on software and systems engineering

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Auto Electronics educational program kick-started at Visteon tech center in Bulgaria


Visteon provides coronavirus-related aid from it India facilities

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Visteon demonstrates excellent COVID-19 response in passing state audit in Mexico

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Organization of Michigan physicians thanks Visteon for support in PPE manufacture and supply

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Visteon plant in Brazil joins face shield production for regional staff, partners, hospitals

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Visteon believes good governance is a critical element to achieving sustained shareholder value. We are committed to governance policies and practices that serve the long-term interest of the company, as well as its shareholders, stakeholders and global employees. 

Environmental Metrics and Performance


Target 5% overall improvement by 2020-2016 baseline

Current Performance



Tons per million USD revenue 3% improvement

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Metric tons CO2e per million USD revenue 8% improvement


Cubic meters per million USD revenue 6% improvement

2020 Sustainability and EHS Targets


Total recordable case rate ≤ 0.008ISO14001/OHSAS 18001 annual surveillance audits
Total lost time case rate ≤ 0.004Start transition from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001 (Health and Safety certification)
Total severity rate ≤ 0.18
If a location had zero Recordable Cases (RCR) and zero lost time cases (LTCR) in 2019 then the target for that location is zero for 2020.
Compliance of training for regulatory requirements, new employees and contractors
0 work-related fatalitiesTrack all first aid cases, perform analytics and prioritize improvement actions
0 notices of regulatory noncomplianceTrack incidents (Near Misses), perform analytics and prioritize improvement actions
0 significant fire incidents, spills or releases
Significant fire/spill incident is globally defined as any fire or spill incident resulting in any of the following; >$5000 damage, employee injuries or regulatory violation
Compliance with customer product related supply chain sustainability/EHS requirements
0 finesEnergy, Emissions, Waste and Water metrics according to applicable GRI guidelines (for 2020 Special focus on Waste and energy usage per million USD revenue)
Target 5% improvement by 2020-2016 baseline
100% completion of EH&S Quick Self Assessment for manufacturing sitesGood or Excellent in Visteon EHS behavior-based self-assessment tool scoring with a second-party check for all manufacturing sites