Platform (Compute™ + Runtime™)

  • Features

    Scalable up to Level 5 automation

    Modular design with SoC flexibility

    ASIL-D compliant

  • StudioTM

    Open APIs


    Record and replay

  • Applications

    Traffic jam pilot

    Highway pilot

    Parking pilot

    Active safety

Safer roads with self-driving cars

In the near future, the car will be able to drive itself while you relax in the seat, making roads safer and the journey more comfortable. Visteon’s DriveCore™ solution enables self-driving under certain conditions such as well-marked highways and in traffic jams. DriveCore™ is a scalable central processing supercomputer that analyzes input from multiple sensors such as cameras, radar, Lidar and map to understand the environment and determine appropriate action to steer, break and accelerate the vehicle. As an open platform, DriveCore™ enables the integration of third-party sensors as well as software algorithms to develop self-driving solutions using a best-of-breed approach.

Driving collaboration with DriveCore™ Studio

The future of autonomous driving is something that can’t be tackled without collaboration. DriveCore™ Studio, Visteon’s powerful PC and cloud-based tool for algorithm development, allows software developers to manage DriveCore™ Runtime environments and 3D simulations, so they can explore real-world or synthetic autonomous driving data. Record data from the bench or vehicle, then visualize, profile and analyze software behavior. By using DriveCore™ Studio, you can share data via cloud service and collaborate to create the next generation of mobility.