Overcoming Prejudice and Celebrating Individuality

An employee perspective on Pride Month

By Visteon Senior Software Engineer Alejandro Jimenez

Pronouns: He/Him/His

The word prejudice has Latin origins: to judge in advance. Like many, I have experienced pre-judgement in life and understand that it can diminish your spirit.  In Mexico, my home country, the specific prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community stems from three roots. First, Mexican culture is conservative and less accepting of non-traditional lifestyles. It has maintained traditional religious values for several centuries. Second, family continuity and community relationships are very important. Expectations and pressures to “continue the family tradition” can be both subtle and overt. The third source of pre-judgement/prejudice is a simple lack of awareness, information, knowledge, and familiarity. In my experience, people may reverse their judgement and overcome their prejudice after learning more, speaking to, and connecting with LGBTQ+ individuals. We are reminded that we are all human and have much in common.

I have had good experiences since I joined Visteon four years ago. Being part of Visteon Queretaro’s Women’s Alliance and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committees has had a positive impact on my life: we share our stories, support one another, and engage with the Queretaro community. Every year we host a Pride Flag Raising Ceremony in June. The event is always significant, but this year my appreciation for my colleagues and the Visteon culture was illuminated.

During the outdoor ceremony, we drew negative attention from many drivers on the main road. We could hear their protest calls and prejudiced comments and I was concerned it would dampen the day. When I checked to see if others were showing similar concern, I was surprised. I looked up to see dozens of determined faces — my friends united, from inside and outside of the LGBTQ+ community. Suddenly, the noisy prejudiced protests seemed to be miles away and fading further into the distance.

I am reminded that I feel supported by Visteon. I am grateful to work with such a supportive team.

Throughout much of Mexico, LGBTQ+ Pride events are more frequent and visible than ever before. Sometimes the pace of progress is like a glacier — but we know it is moving and we know this is how progress happens. So we continue to share our stories with others to combat the remaining pre-judgements and prejudice in our community. Together, we celebrate our individuality and proudly raise the Pride Flag at Visteon.