Women in Momentum leadership gain new insights in interactive workshops


Nearly two dozen women in Visteon’s Momentum: Elevating Women in Leadership program gained new insights into the industry – and themselves – during two recent interactive sessions. Momentum is a professional development initiative designed to help the company cultivate a strong pipeline of engaged female leaders.

Industry Insights from the CEO

During an informal discussion with the Momentum team, Visteon President and CEO Sachin Lawande shared his thoughts on a number of trends that are shaping the company’s future. He told participants that the automotive industry is on a path of disruptive innovation, and being successful means having the agility and know-how to continually update cockpit technology – sometimes as often as weekly – to meet rapidly changing demands for large displays, domain controllers and apps.

For much of the past decade, he said, incremental innovation was the route taken by the established automakers. Today, technologies such as vehicle electrification are driving change and innovation at an unprecedented pace.

Becoming an inspirational leader

Behind all technological innovations are inspirational leaders. "We need people who can inspire others. If you cannot inspire, it's hard to be a leader. Leaders need to communicate their purpose and vision with clarity and authenticity,” Lawande said.

Impactful leaders need to have a thorough understanding of the ecosystem in which they operate, including things like industry and consumer trends, the competitive landscape, and more. Most important: Leaders should not be afraid to admit they don’t have all the answers and actively seek to increase their understanding of what’s new in the technology landscape. “You have to be comfortable in an environment that is uncomfortable and challenging,” he said. 

Lawande also encouraged the group to seek out mentors. One of his own mentors encouraged him to take up challenging assignments and to think from a financial perspective traits that enabled him to take on his current role at Visteon.

Journey of self-discovery 

In addition to the session with Lawande, the Momentum participants took part in a workshop focused on managing negative internal mindsets and beliefs that too often hold women back in the workplace. Some examples include: “I could never do that” or “I can’t talk about my success; that’s bragging.” Through discussion, the group learned how to reframe unhelpful self-talk into thinking and statements that give focus, confidence and power.

Daniela Terenzi, HR senior director and Momentum project leader, Visteon
It is our hope that by starting with internal dialogue, precognitions can be challenged and restraints lifted to truly unleash potential.
Daniela Terenzi, HR senior director and Momentum project leader, Visteon

The impact of the workshop was powerful. “The approach is unlike any other development program that I have participated in,” said one participant. “It requires you to not only view your behaviors through the lens of your professional experiences, but also to reflect and evaluate the personal experiences that have influenced the trajectory of your career.”

Momentum participants will engage in seven more workshops during the course of the yearlong program, covering a variety of professional development topics. The program also features personal skills assessments, individual leadership coaching, and a final capstone project.