Visteon’s flexible rotating glass display cockpit

As the automotive cockpit continues its evolution into a fully digital space, Visteon is finding new and different creative ways to integrate display technology into the vehicle. Leveraging its core display technologies, the company's innovative solutions and technical capabilities are augmenting an evolving and increasingly attractive industry segment. 

The latest of these pioneering concepts implements a flexible rotating glass solution – which incorporates a large, monolithic cover glass with separate curves over the instrument cluster and center display.

Visteon is redefining reconfigurable content for the cockpit with its proprietary flexible glass cockpit, wherein the center information display (CID) screen can actually bend by 15˚ forward and 5˚ back. The flexible cover lens solution also enables a tailored user experience in multiple driving scenarios, switching between a driver-centric context and a shared experience.

With a distinctive slim design, the bendable multi-display single application supports cockpit flexibility and customization across numerous carlines.


Elijah Auger, Senior Manager, Advanced Display Engineering & Platforms
"The flexible rotating glass cockpit is an industry first, and pushes the limit of how display technology can be creatively incorporated to augment the industrial design concepts from OEMs.”
Elijah Auger, Senior Manager, Advanced Display Engineering & Platforms

Leveraging plastic organic light-emitting diode (P-OLED) technology, Visteon completed the optical and structural bonding for the solution, utilizing bond then bend and cold forming lens processes to manufacture the product.

The multi-axis cold forming technique offers unparalleled styling and differentiation – highlighting Visteon’s unique design features and enhanced functionality to augment the in-car experience for the end-user.