Visteon manufacturing plant in India completes two decades without a lost-time incident

June marked and important milestone for Visteon plant operations: Visteon Electronics India (VEI), located in Chennai, became the company’s first manufacturing facility to reach 20 years with zero lost-time cases.

VEI has implemented responsible and effective standards and work practices to ensure the safety of its workforce. Management frequently reviews operational elements such as rules and work permits, pedestrian safety, compliance to 5S and use of protective gear, in addition to multiple other parameters. All identified non-conformance, incidents and near misses are documented and investigated for root-cause analysis. This allows for corrective and preventive action implementation.

Bakathulla Khan, Asia regional leader
Our teams have done a tremendous job conducting weekly loss control audits and monthly Gemba walks. I appreciate our employees’ commitment to making the workplace safe, and am extremely proud that VEI has attained Visteon’s highest EHSAT score. This is a significant milestone.
Bakathulla Khan, Asia regional leader

The team also prioritized behavioral safety and ergonomics by imparting training and conducting third-party audits. This helped address and avoid potential safety concerns that could be detrimental.

Velavan, senior manager, operations
To make all plant operations safe, activities ranging from simple garden cleaning to pick-and-place machine operations must conform to safety norms. To sustain our safety record, we will continue to follow best practices: safety officer approval and certification of each new line, machine and fixture checks, safety walks, mandatory safety training for new entrants, and periodic refresher training for operators.
Velavan, senior manager, operations

Additionally, all employees enroll in a health and wellness program, which serves to improve and maintain their health and overall well-being.

Prashant Kirloskar, VEI plant manager
This accomplishment reflects Visteon commitment to providing a safe and healthy workplace in India. Our intended outcome is to have zero employee accidents and minimize environmental impact for many years to come.
Prashant Kirloskar, VEI plant manager