Visteon hosts V-Connect! webinars focused on systems and software engineering

Emerging technologies and new players in the automotive space are driving a constant evolution in the global industry – putting an ever-increasing emphasis on next-generation platforms like infotainment, digital instrument clusters, electrification and advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) development. Within that environment, systems and software engineers play a critical role in keeping OEMs and suppliers competitive.

Focusing on these integral business functions, Visteon hosted V-Connect! – a two-day technical webinar program from its technology center in Querétaro, Mexico, on Sept. 23 and 24 – concentrating on the latest trends in software and systems engineering for developing new products and solutions in auto.

Visteon has adapted to the pace of change by increasing development speed and focusing on product quality, reducing time to market and reacting rapidly to new trends. The company’s highly skilled software, hardware and mechanical engineers in Querétaro develop advanced cockpit electronics products – including digital instrument clusters, infotainment and information displays and technologies for emerging solutions.

Watch the systems engineering panel with Visteon experts, covering topics such as systems engineering processes, feature-based systems engineering and architecture, ASPICE, Agile and SRD development, and much more here:

Visteon's second V-Connect! webinar provided an introduction to DevOps, discussing the evolution of the automotive industry and increased focus on advanced software. It also comprehensively detailed how DevOps is successfully applied at Visteon's global sites. Watch the full discussion here:

Promoting an interactive forum, engineers pursuing careers in software development, next-generation digital products, technical leadership, independent product testing and analysis of customer requirements were encouraged to take active part in the one-hour webinars.

If you enjoyed Visteon’s focused webinars and think you fit the profile of one of our open positions at the company, apply online for the opportunity to join our team.