Visteon hosts Pragyan assisted driving Hackathon in India

Following a hugely successful partnership with Bangalore-based UVCE technical university in September 2018 – which saw the inaugural CodeFury event – Visteon has once again teamed up with an educational facility to launch the Pragyan Hackathon 2019 - hosting scores of college students in a 30-hour event that promoted the use of coding to solve technical automotive problems.

Staged at Visteon’s technology center in Chennai in conjunction with the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NIT Trichy), the initiative attracted more than 60 student participants, who worked tirelessly in teams from Jan. 19-20 to produce creative solutions and develop prototypes that focused on visualization for vehicle camera systems and seamless interactions for infotainment systems.

With a 75,000INR prize for the winner, participants were encouraged to harness their skills, knowledge and understanding of coding to implement assisted driving solutions for user interface design, infotainment systems for smart tourist mobility and other related products.

Delivering the most complete, creative and technically sound project, the judging panel awarded the first prize to three-man team WGI for their inventive assisted driving solution. The idea proposed revolved around a state-of-the-art algorithm for real-time object detection, called YOLO, identifying various traffic signals, cars and people on a real-time stream from a car.

The device was designed to warn the driver of potential obstacles that they might not have noticed yet. It also included a feature which recognizes if the driver is drowsy; sounding an alarm to regain their attention if it deems their focus behind the wheel is slipping.

Hari Gopalakrishnan, Regional Software Lead
“It was great hosting and interacting with the bright young technical minds representing various colleges. The students came up with some excellent projects and put in serious effort to code and demonstrate to the judges. The Hackathon helped us build a talent pipeline and identify potential interns – and we are already thinking about hosting a further Hackathon for our own employees.”
Hari Gopalakrishnan, Regional Software Lead

Other imaginative projects that stood out across the two-day event included a web application that incentivized driver focus using computer vision; facial recognition software for smartphone usage that could help detect and prevent driver drowsiness; and a scoring system for would-be drivers to gain their licence by passing a test – set and adjudicated over autonomously.

The majority of students who participated at the Pragyan event are currently in the second and third years of their computer science engineering degrees and will be encouraged to take the experience and skills learnt from the Hackathon forward into the remainder of their studies.