Visteon Embraces DevOps as Critical to Today’s Automotive Electronics Industry

As the automotive world becomes increasingly high-tech, Visteon is embracing the DevOps set of practices that combines software development (dev) and information technology operations (ops) to shorten systems development lifecycles and continuously deliver high-quality software to the industry.

With DevOps playing a key role in the industry’s transformation, a joint engineering and IT team at Visteon is taking its software-driven innovation expertise to the next level by developing global DevOps practices. The team works transparently to address the specifics of automotive embedded development, build stronger relationships among people, streamline processes and adopt technology to support quick and cost-effective delivery of high-quality solutions to customers.

The goal is to ensure Visteon meets customer expectations for faster time-to-market cycles and match the development cycle and complexity of next-generation automotive products.

Visteon is meeting the challenge of building DevOps practices for today’s automotive industry as technologies evolve to offer a driving experience that is increasingly more connected, entertaining and safe. DevOps reinforces the company’s continued leadership in automotive technology solutions as we align with key industry trends of digitalization and electrification to support OEM customers.
Zhivko Zapryanov, Visteon senior engineering manager, DevOps Sofia, Bulgaria

DevOps is critical to the modern automotive electronics industry

Rapid development of consumer electronics for smartphones and other devices has led drivers and passengers to expect the same digital experience from their vehicles – a trend that demands shorter development and delivery cycles, faster standardization and integration. Because of this, the DevOps team faces different implementation challenges: integration of complex and diverse products with other devices, heightened quality requirements, multiple skillsets, greater collaboration and more complex testing.

Visteon’s approach

Visteon’s DevOps practices combine multiple skills to drive fast development, agility and quality of automotive technologies.

Our DevOps transformation success factors rely on personalization, which is the key to success. Our main evolutionary driver at DevOps is to create an active internal community that combines a diverse knowledge with the desire for innovation and teamwork.
Zhivko Zapryanov, Visteon senior engineering manager, DevOps Sofia, Bulgaria

Zapryanov led part of the company’s first public webinar on the latest developments in DevOps for professionals and students pursuing software and engineering careers at its leading European technical centre in Sofia, Bulgaria.

This webinar will help Visteon continue to expand its ties with academic facilities and professional communities to create the kind of talent pool required to continue driving technology evolution in the global automotive industry.

Participants seemed particularly interested in the tools and methodologies Visteon uses to enable successful DevOps transformation. These include continuous integration and delivery, fast and automatic deployment, infrastructure as code, and open-source automation servers Docker, Kubernetes and Jenkins.

Participants learned more about how system architecture can be monitored to identify and prevent issues, and enable continuous improvement.

The webinar provoked a summary discussion and participants asked several questions, expressing a common desire for continued dialog within the DevOps framework.

Access the presentation materials featured during the webinar and watch the one-hour recording in Bulgarian below.