Visteon demonstrates excellent COVID-19 response during state audit in Mexico

Praised as a role model within the automotive industry, Visteon impressed state labor officials with its inclusive protocols and meticulous actions implemented to tackle the impact of COVID-19 during an authority audit inspection at its manufacturing facility in Chihuahua, Mexico. As a result of the exceptional safety milestones achieved through its strict preventive measures, Visteon's plant features as the ideal organizational prototype in a new government video promoting methods to ensure a safe return to work.

Demonstrating an outstanding approach to maintaining health and safety measures at the highest standard, Visteon’s precautionary processes and comprehensive collaboration with local government has enabled the development of a detailed action plan that has assisted in combatting the effects of the virus and established the safest possible environment for its employees.

Watch the video below to find out more about Visteon’s work to successfully combat COVID-19 in Chihuahua:

The stringent practices Visteon has put in place cover a wide range of important issues, including social distancing, the correct use of personal protective equipment (PPE), thorough cleaning guidelines, communication and training employees in how to conduct themselves in different areas of the site – such as entrances, office space and the production floor.

Hosting two external inspectors on July 2, the audit was conducted in the Chihuahua plant’s offices, warehouse, plastics area, clean room and cafeteria – all satisfactorily meeting the government's safety requirements. Visteon’s social security was also found to be compliant.

Visteon was commended for exhibiting good practice in terms of sanitization – including outdoor and indoor mats and a preventive alarm that sounds on a 2-hourly basis to remind employees to sanitize their hands and work areas. Positive feedback was also received on its exemplary protocol regarding COVID-19 cases and its management of employees – with 100% of the workforce provided with antibody tests to allay fears and increase confidence in a safe working environment. These measures have ensured zero positive cases at the Chihuahua plant up to this point.


Sachin Lawande, President & CEO, Visteon
From the very start of the coronavirus pandemic, Visteon has made it clear that our global talent base is the number one priority, which has been illustrated in the extensive safety measures we have put in place in our facilities around the world. New methods and protocols have been quickly and efficiently established, while we have taken the views, comments and concerns of our employees on board at all times to help create a successful transition to a new way of working.
Sachin Lawande, President & CEO, Visteon

The creation of an internal COVID-19 committee – formed of the plant manager and the site’s HR team – allowed the opportunity to establish a clear and concise code of behaviors that aligned with Visteon’s corporate regulations, as well as state and government guidelines in Mexico.

With clear and strong messaging from the outset regarding a range of procedures, Visteon also set up a COVID-19 hotline which provides additional information, support and access to trained medical staff over the phone for employees in need of advice or assistance during the pandemic.