Visteon CTO talks AI and the intelligent cockpit with German business TV

Offering new approaches to the user experience that enhance human interaction with the vehicle and its environment, the intelligent cockpit is paving the way for increasingly automated driving. Visteon’s Chief Technology Officer Markus Schupfner recently joined The Business Debate – a German business news channel – for a conversation that profiled the current automotive landscape including autonomous driving, the utilization of artificial intelligence to make the in-car experience smarter; and other major factors such as safety, comfort and convenience.

Watch the full interview below (in German with English subtitles):

Speaking to The Business Debate’s Ralph Szepanski, Schupfner asserted that the growth in electric cars and maturing technology for automated driving offers an opportunity to rethink the vehicle interior in terms of the interaction between occupants, the vehicle and its surroundings. New approaches to the user experience are required to ensure that control of the vehicle is safely and seamlessly managed by the driver and the vehicle, while occupants are informed and entertained.

In the age of increasingly automated driving, the cockpit becomes an intelligent, learning, mobile assistant. Visteon’s solutions are designed to improve road safety while securely delivering access to information – from a user’s personal devices, to the vehicle and the Cloud, Schupfner explains.

In addition to developing Level 3+ autonomous driving solutions, Visteon is focused on improving driver and occupants’ user experience, with a strong focus on safety by reducing distractions and instilling confidence in the vehicle’s actions and environment in situations where it takes over the driving function. Schupfner emphasized that it is therefore essential for the vehicle to capture its surroundings as well as the driver's readiness to take control again.


Markus Schupfner, Chief Technology Officer, Visteon
In autonomous driving applications, what really matters is that algorithms can be developed quickly and safely. The second step is to integrate and secure them in the vehicle. With DriveCore™, Visteon is offering a hardware solution with a software development environment we can share with our partners and customers. This environment enables our business collaborators to quickly integrate, simulate, test, validate and compare algorithms so they can be incorporated into the vehicle in a safe and reliable way.
Markus Schupfner, Chief Technology Officer, Visteon

As an integral part of the learning cockpit, Schupfner introduces Visteon’s driver monitoring solution that incorporates machine learning. The See 'n Sense surveillance solution for vehicle interiors provides head detection, eye tracking and identification functions that are critical to identify a driver’s state and readiness when interacting with the vehicle.

Schupfner also highlighted other key features of new networked cockpit electronics architectures, including SmartCore™ -- an industry-first cockpit domain controller that assimilates instrument cluster, infotainment and other cockpit functionality in a single electronic control unit with a state-of-the-art HMI, over-the-air software updates and advanced cybersecurity.