Visteon continues coronavirus-related aid through its facilities in India

The coronavirus pandemic has provided unexpected challenges to individuals and organizations across the world throughout 2020. Visteon has maintained a proactive response since the virus’ effects spread globally earlier this year and it continues its support of vulnerable people, communities and institutions – with its facilities in India the latest to take an active part in helping those in need. 

Visteon started providing comprehensive support in June from its technology centers in Chennai, Bangalore and Pune – including distributing more than 350 ration kits to local foundations, which in turn were sent to residents of remote villages nearby. The company's plant in Chennai has also contributed through manufacture of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) units.

As well as essential food and provisions, Visteon has also supplied medicine and hygiene products to a palliative care center in Bangalore. Distribution of Visteon’s COVID-related relief materials was facilitated by volunteers comprised of local school teachers and students. 


Aashish Bhatia, President, Visteon India
Visteon has a long-standing presence in India and our technology centers and manufacturing facilities have a proud history of social collaboration with their local communities. During this challenging period, it is imperative that Visteon uses its position, capabilities and resources to assist those that require support, and do what is necessary to bring about positive results despite ongoing adversity.
Aashish Bhatia, President, Visteon India

Visteon’s first phase of relief material distribution has now been completed, but many more initiatives – including support of orphanages and non-governmental organizations – will be implemented over the coming months.