Visteon collaborates with Technical University to deliver new educational engineering initiative

The automotive industry in Bulgaria is continuing its rapid development in 2020 – with more than 100 companies in the sector located in the country that are focused purely on auto electronics. Naturally, the demand for engineers is also on the rise, with talent acquisition in this particular field playing a crucial role in establishing the company’s standards and setting Visteon apart. 

As a result, industry orientation requires close collaboration between auto players and educational bodies to adequately respond to the business need for highly-qualified engineers in a range of critical disciplines. As a leader in the region, Visteon’s technology center in Bulgaria is taking a fast and proactive approach to this situation. Understanding the remit and taking the first steps to drive collaboration, the site is teaming up with the Technical University, Sofia, to implement important learning programs that will educate, inform and establish the new generation of technical talent in the country.

Initiating discussions regarding a joint educational platform at the start of 2019, the two partners have developed a degree-based learning program with a strong emphasis on automotive. As the drivers for this enterprise, Visteon’s team in Sofia – led by Ivan Mihyalov, operations manager – were charged with creating a comprehensive curriculum and study plan.

Starting in September, the ‘Automotive Electronics’ program offers many students the right combination of theoretical knowledge and fundamental practical training in their chosen field. The four-year curriculum follows all regulatory requirements and aims to provide high-quality training of specialists in a dynamic and innovative space.

Visteon Bulgaria aims to provide a sustainable environment for the students and help them integrate into the business world. The collaboration with the Technical University extends beyond this current program, as the company continues to teach and support young talent, providing them the chance to gain practical experience during internship programs, summer practices and the in-house engineering academy, which it hopes will lead to a positive and profitable future.


Nikolay Daskalov, Hardware Engineering Manager
As the complexity of electronics in vehicles increases – and the automotive industry in Bulgaria grows to meet the fast-paced developments in this space – business needs require engineers to have a more comprehensive knowledge of their field. Visteon’s technology center in Sofia is working closely with the city’s Technical University to implement expert knowledge-sharing and specific up-skilling in a new degree-based program that will equip enthusiastic students with the competencies and capabilities to make a tangible difference to the future of the industry.
Nikolay Daskalov, Hardware Engineering Manager

Drawing on the experience and contributions from the company’s hardware and system requirements employees at the technology center, Visteon took no time in pouring the energy, enthusiasm and expertise of its talent base into building an outstanding syllabus from scratch – something that has no equivalent within the Bulgarian educational system.

Planning, designing and executing the broad array of study materials, Visteon’s team will also actively participate in the learning process as regular lecturers. The curriculum incorporates modern theories and best practices within automotive today, covering a wide range of topics including specialized electronics modules, process monitoring and control systems in vehicles – from concept design to testing of the final product.