Video: Industry 4.0 driving the next generation of cockpit technology

Increasingly more complex products with higher software content, new supplier eco-systems and customer requirements, have all contributed to make the smart factory a reality. As one of the early auto suppliers adopting Industry 4.0 in its operations, Visteon continues to evolve its approach by using data, automation and smart technology to make the company’s manufacturing facilities more efficient and productive while reducing waste.

Here, Visteon’s Operations team demonstrates how the company is using advanced manufacturing technology, innovative processes and intelligent data processing to deliver the highest quality and efficiency across a range of cockpit electronics solutions.

Handling the latest automotive system-on-chip (SoC) processors, software management and functional testing, Visteon is delivering smart cockpit solutions that are driven by customer and end-user expectations for styling, functionality and quality.

Underscoring its position as a pioneering disruptor in this space, Visteon is also developing the next generation of liquid optical bonding processes to support the future requirements of its global customer base. Automakers are increasingly pursuing advanced display concepts that include long curved lenses with multiple screens - intellectual property owned by Visteon which can produce efficient assembly and meet the stringent quality and styling requirements of these innovative designs.


Decio Mendao, vice president, global operations
Visteon’s solutions are focused on providing the highest levels of quality and process efficiency whilst supporting the broadest spectrum of display geometry and size requirements. Thanks to cutting-edge bonding techniques, Visteon is leading the market when it comes to product quality and manufacturing concepts for its auto partners.
Decio Mendao, vice president, global operations

New display innovations are now also matching consumer electronic levels of quality and finish within the safety-critical environment of vehicles. Narrow borders – coupled with head impact challenges – require new solutions in structural bonding of display products. Visteon Operations has implemented a range of advanced technology to solve these next generation challenges, to supply class-leading solutions at affordable cost and excellent quality.