See 'n Sense driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing solution brings safety into focus

Camera-based driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing are becoming essential requirements for the automated user experience and driver safety. The recent decision by the European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) to make driver monitoring technology a primary safety feature of its rating system has led to global automakers striving to add this element to their upcoming models. Visteon’s See 'n Sense solution, presented by its subsidiary, AllGo Systems, delivers driver monitoring and in-cabin sensing functionality.

See 'n Sense also addresses the trend of utilizing camera-based in-cabin sensing technology to augment the user experience through innovative multi-modal HMI controls such as a gaze-based HMI, advanced personalization through face recognition and emotion detection, and child detection for safety purposes.

See ‘n Sense – a deep learning-based driver monitoring solution for advanced RISC machine (ARM) platforms – brings analysis and development traditionally associated with GPUs to ARM cores, without sacrificing any of the advantages such as acceleration and framebuffer capabilities.

The technology supports face detection and recognition, head pose estimation, gaze detection and blink detection features. With deep learning-based detection and tracking in real-time, See ‘n Sense is able to read faces regardless of gender and age etc., as well as being able to operate successfully regardless of facial expression, occlusion – like caps, scarves or other garments – illumination or angle.


K. Srinivasan, CEO, AllGo Systems
"Optically, See 'n Sense can read a user's eyes even when wearing glasses, contact lenses or non-infra-red blocking glasses. It can also detect blinks and is capable of estimating blink rate and microsleep. The solution is independent of electronic control units (ECUs) and can be integrated with instrument clusters."
K. Srinivasan, CEO, AllGo Systems

See 'n Sense is powered by advanced neural network computational optimizations as well as state-of-the-art ARM library enhancements to provide advanced applications for innovative HMI and in-car personalization.