Reynosa, Mexico, site celebrates seven years without lost-time injuries

Aggressive safety measures in Reynosa, Mexico, that exceed the country’s regulatory standards are paying off for 230 employees who recently celebrated seven years without a lost-time injury at the site.


Jorge Braña, Reynosa plant manager
Our first priority is employee safety. It’s our responsibility to provide employees with the right tools, training and protection to create an environment where people can work safely and go home to their families the same way they arrived at the plant every day.
Jorge Braña, Reynosa plant manager

The Reynosa site, which supplies instrument clusters, infotainment solutions, displays, cockpit domain controllers and wireless battery management systems for seven OEM customers, emphasizes safety starting on the day employees begin their onboarding process. Reynosa’s occupational safety measures are designed to create a preventive culture through regular training and rules for working safely.

Reinforcing the importance of following safety rules is a daily activity in Reynosa.

By following standards for wearing the right clothing and protective equipment and using correct manufacturing processes, such as proper operation of machinery, we have worked without accidents for a long time. A lot of work has been done to make us aware of safety issues and ways to prevent injury, and every day our preventive culture is reinforced by safety talks covering all areas of the plant.
Yoshira Vega Segura, plant operations

Plant leaders conduct regular safety walks through the 115,500-square-foot site. Onsite suppliers and contractors also must work within the site’s safety policies and are part of the plant’s health and well-being initiatives.

Jorge Braña, Reynosa plant manager
We work as a team to continuously improve our processes and stress the importance of prevention, helping us achieve a high level of safety for everyone. We want the site to be known within our industry as an employer of choice among local job seekers.
Jorge Braña, Reynosa plant manager