DriveCore™ explained: Demonstrating Visteon’s autonomous driving platform

Steadily building awareness and credibility of its capabilities in the ADAS domain, Visteon paves the way for autonomous driving by offering automotive manufacturers a complete portfolio of technologies that, with the increasing automation of vehicles, provides new approaches to user experience and interaction with the vehicle and the environment.

The DriveCore™ autonomous driving solution is an open, scalable platform that allows automakers, developers and suppliers to collaborate on innovations addressing the new demands of autonomous driving. Based on a central domain controller, DriveCore™ incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) for object detection and tracking, sensor fusion, situation analysis and behavioral planning.

Addressing evolving industry trends, the end-to-end DriveCore™ platform incorporates three components:

  • Compute – a modular and scalable computing hardware platform
  • Runtime – a framework and middleware toward embedded development
  • Studio – a PC-based tool for algorithm development

Leveraging these advanced functionalities, DriveCore™ enables Highway Pilot, which relieves the driver from their primary driving tasks. It includes automatic cruise control, lane centring, automatic lane change and overtaking.

In valet parking mode, the vehicle searches for a free parking space. Path planning for pedestrians and obstacle detection and avoidance are employed as part of the system.


Matthias Schulze, vice president, technology management & ADAS
“Several trends and transformations are currently dominating the automotive industry. Driven by requirements for new autonomous vehicles, cockpit platforms are moving from discrete computing systems to centralized systems. Centralized computing – using domain controllers – provides unprecedented flexibility, power and speed for handling the vast amount of sensors required for failsafe autonomous driving. It is steered by stringent functional safety demands, requests for higher automation levels and new E/E vehicle architectures.”
Matthias Schulze, vice president, technology management & ADAS

Visteon’s DriveCore™ is the first fully scalable solution for Level 2+ to Level 4 autonomous driving applications. The company currently has a co-development program for DriveCore™ with automaker GAC of China, and is also in advanced discussions with other global vehicle manufacturers.