Cockpit entertainment with Visteon’s display audio

There is an ever-increasing demand for the connected capabilities of vehicles to continue the rapid progress it’s enjoyed over the past decade. Today, in-car infotainment systems provide a range of services accessible through the user’s smartphone or embedded technologies. Visteon is leading the way when it comes to Android and HTML5-based platforms delivering the best entertainment through the vehicle’s display audio interface.

Primarily aimed at next-gen infotainment systems for entry- to mid-level vehicle models, Visteon’s cockpit entertainment solution incorporates a built-in Android app store catering to global markets with localized content – supported by over-the-air updates. This offers a much broader app ecosystem and can be easily upgraded to facilitate capabilities including voice assistant functionality.

With the platform also integrating Apple wireless CarPlay features for associated apps and connectivity, Visteon’s display audio product provides the option to switch between connectivity modes quickly and conveniently.


Qais Sharif, Vice President, Display Product Line, Visteon
"Consumers are very familiar with their mobile and smart handheld products in this day and age and as a result, they expect the same level of performance from the platforms within their vehicle – supported by continual software and feature in-car updates. Visteon's industry-leading Android-based system offers a connected app store that keeps the user’s cockpit interface refreshed and up-to-date. We are constantly innovating and I’m looking forward to meeting new challenges and seeing Visteon’s ability to bring new technology to the market at an ever-quicker rate.”
Qais Sharif, Vice President, Display Product Line, Visteon

The single electronic control unit (ECU) design supports 10-inch remote or attached displays and leverages Say ‘N Serve voice controls, delivering richer content and robust multimedia streaming to vehicle occupants, as well as improved user interactions within the cockpit.

A further feature of Visteon’s solution incorporates a built-in 3D model car assisting users by illustrating all key vehicle information to the driver, including up-to-date status on headlights, doors and tyre pressure monitoring.