Augmenting the cockpit with Visteon's latest in-vehicle solution

Leveraging the car as the next mobile app platform, Visteon leads the way in offering car manufacturers access to connected and Cloud services in the cockpit through the smartphone or embedded Android and HTML5 technologies. These innovative infotainment platforms are pre-integrated with Visteon subsidiary AllGo’s multimedia and smartphone connectivity solutions, built for rapid development and deployment.

Taking this segment to the next level, Visteon’s next-gen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) rear seat entertainment (RSE) system illustrates the company’s pioneering work in the space, leveraging Android’s platform to drive two large 13-inch displays for back-seat users. Helping to keep all vehicle occupants entertained, the IVI system supports a comprehensive archive video on-demand services, live television and the most popular third-party apps – like Netflix and Spotify.

Visteon’s integrated RSE system allows independent functionality for the two displays with connected streaming and Android-based entertainment, with interface to HDMI or interface to gaming console for rear passengers. The system offered by Visteon works as both a standalone for the individual and as an integrated solution akin to the company's SmartCore™ multi-domain platform projecting the same media output for all rear-seat occupants.


Upton Bowden, Product Marketing
”Visteon’s RSE solution enables customers to leverage an Android software based media platform that helps reduce total system development costs and gives customers a wide range of Android-enabled services and applications.”
Upton Bowden, Product Marketing

This latest platform delivers a low-cost embedded RSE design, with simplified subscription management always as easier content access integration enabling the user a wide choice of media options across numerous streaming services.

At CES 2020, Visteon demonstrated media content streaming to the RSE system using the access service. However, the RSE system is compatible with any connected media service that an automaker or end-user selects. Additionally, it can also link to automaker media services for instructional videos and vehicle information.