AfB recognizes Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH for environmentally conscious behavior

With technological integration occurring in nearly all facets of life and business, information technology (IT) plays a critical role in enabling any company’s success. For example, IT enables seamless communication and collaboration. However, it can also preserve the environment and promote inclusion.

Recently Visteon’s IT team in Karlsruhe, Germany, received a certificate for their environmentally conscious practices and social and ecological impact with hardware. AfB gGmbH – Europe’s largest non-profit IT company and long-standing partner to Visteon for purchase of used IT hardware – recognized the tech center’s meaningful achievement.

Europe alone generates several million tons of e-waste each year. According to the Global E-Waste Monitor 2020, the amount worldwide was as high as 53.6 million tons, of which only 17.4were properly collected and recycled.

By handing over used hardware to AfB, a certified waste management company, Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH maintains a transparent, secure and ecologically responsible approach to its information and communication technology.

In the scope of a year, our tech center in Karlsruhe provided AfB with more than 780 pieces of decommissioned hardware, which saved more than 18,000 kg of raw materials, reduced more than 33,000 greenhouse gas emissions and lowered human toxicity by over 180 tonnes for the same period. The tech center’s environmentally conscious measures also reduced primary energy expenditure by more than 129,000 kWh and water consumption by close to 190,000 litres.

Thank you for your social commitment. We look forward to many more years of doing something good for people and the environment
Nicolai Gräff, partner manager at AfB gGmbH

Furthermore, the partnership between both companies contributes to further inclusion in the labor market, as it helps create jobs for people with disabilities at AfB. AfB is recognized for its inclusion policies, as 45% of its employees are people with disabilities. As a partner to AfB, Visteon also contributes to the fulfillment of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) developed by the United Nations to jointly address societal challenges until 2030.

We are proud our team’s commitment to sustainable technology has a positive long-term
impact on topics we consider close to heart as well – diversity, social inclusion and
environmental preservation.
Francis Kim, managing director, Visteon Electronics Germany GmbH

Visteon’s employees in Karlsruhe, Germany, have a history of collaborating and contributing to worthy causes with a positive effect on society. In 2020, the team organized a virtual charity run in support of the local community affected by the pandemic, raising €3,000 for Arche Karlsruhe – a local foundation that works with and supports children between the ages of 6-14.