2018 Ford Mustang features Visteon reconfigurable cluster with class-leading graphics capabilities

Being one of the most iconic muscle cars on the road, the Ford Mustang has caught the imagination of driving enthusiasts the world over since its initial launch in 1962. With the latest edition hitting showrooms across the U.S and Europe in early 2018, the new Mustang offers more technology, performance and personalization than ever. Supporting this enhanced user experience, Visteon’s 12.3-inch digital cluster technology offers new levels of customization as the primary interface for the Mustang’s superior performance modes.

The new Mustang features Ford’s first all-digital instrument cluster, offering the driver a fully reconfigurable experience that can be customized to their personal preferences in a bright, high resolution layout with excellent graphics execution.

The 12.3-inch all-digital liquid crystal display (LCD) unit offers various screen layouts which includes 26 color options for the primary and secondary graphics, display of three additional gauges from eight available to choose from, and more than 10 different unique animations. The cluster can be easily personalized to show different views for normal driving as well as sport and track driving modes. Drivers can also use the Mustang MyMode® function to save their favorite settings – such as steering and suspension among others.

With input from gaming designers, the high quality graphics and user interface have been designed to mirror functionality known from racing tracks to highlight the Mustang’s performance features. A new line-lock burnout feature comes complete with an animated tire burnout while the drag strip mode engages a virtual drag strip with an animated Christmas tree light set-up and an approaching quarter-mile finish line.

Alfredo Perez, Program Manager, Driver Information
Visteon has a long-standing relationship with Ford when it comes to instrument clusters. Our introduction to digital clusters with Ford started with the MKZ programs back in 2010. The MKZ 10-inch digital cluster was launched in 2012 and subsequently introduced in several additional vehicle lines. When the time came to introduce the next-generation 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, Ford had no doubt Visteon had the experience, knowledge and capability given our proven track record in developing and launching digital clusters. Visteon is Ford’s only supplier partner when it comes to this technology segment.
Alfredo Perez, Program Manager, Driver Information

The Mustang instrument cluster utilizes Visteon’s proprietary user interface cockpit framework and Rightware Kanzi® for graphics implementation. Powered by a dual core graphics processor – with more than eight times the memory of the Mustang’s previous 4-inch digital screens and double that of the previous generation of 10-inch digital clusters used in other Ford carlines – Visteon’s enhancements have mainly been centered in software development and graphics performance, incorporating nearly 1 million lines of code.

The 1920x720 resolution display also offers class-leading clarity and resolution for a high-definition user experience.