Customizing Your Vehicle Takes on New Meaning

Jan. 8, 2020

By: Visteon Corporation

In this day and age, users can craft and customize their own digital experience in almost every consumer electronics offering on the market. They can update their phone backgrounds and app configurations. They can customize their tablets and laptops. There is even a TV on the market that can look like a painting on your wall while it’s not in use, and if the user gets tired of that painting, they choose another image!

Why hasn’t the trend of digital customization carried over more fully to vehicles? That’s what Visteon’s design team was wondering too – so they challenged themselves to solve this nagging question.

They more than met the challenge.

The highly skilled Visteon design team is unveiling a customizable Graphical User Interface (GUI) at CES 2020. This revolutionary concept will allow the consumer to choose what they want their instrument cluster and infotainment systems to look like in their future vehicles.

From the shape of the gauges to the color scheme and contents, the consumer will finally be at the wheel of many of their vehicle’s digital interfaces.

Not only does this concept appeal to the driver, but also to automakers around the world. The market has already seen an increased demand for customizable adaptations in drive modes and regional considerations.

Visteon’s programmable user interface (UI) approach allows for the adaptation of the UI through a process, known as parametrization, and programming, rather than your standard asset-based “skin” development. This enables dynamic changes during development, allowing automakers to craft unique options for the users as a starting point, while allowing the end-consumer to have the autonomy to customize their own experience.

“We are very excited to finally share this innovation with the world at CES 2020,” commented Chris Gattis, industrial design leader for Visteon. “Those who visit Visteon’s booth will be able to test it out themselves with our interactive HMI station. Our guests will be able to design and customize their in-vehicle digital experience for the first time.”

“Besides the advantage to the user, we are eager to show automakers the benefits to their business,” Gattis added. “They will be able to gain valuable customer preference information and reduce the time and effort needed to develop additional assets for mid-cycle adjustments.”

Visteon customers and other interested stakeholders can request an appointment to experience the HMI station and see how Visteon is driving the cockpit revolution at CES 2020 in Central Plaza site 13. Learn more about what Visteon is showing by following us on social media.