Remote Access to Visteon (FortiClient)

Visteon utilizes FortiClient to provide secure remote access to the Visteon network. There are two methods to access Visteon network – use the method appropriate to the level of access desired.

  1. To access only the Visteon intranet, go to from any web browser with an internet connection.
  2. To access the entire Visteon network (including the intranet, any application, server or network resource), use the FortiClient tool for Windows or Linux. To get started, download the tool for Windows or Linux and then follow the installation instructions.

Access the complete training guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use this tool. The quick-start guide provides you with instructions on how to log on to FortiClient.

Need assistance with remote access? Contact Visteon’s Service Desk from a list of country-specific toll-free numbers.