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Q. What is G2V?
A.   G2V, Gateway to Visteon, is the future remote access to the Visteon network replacing VConnect and in the future RAS. It is access for employees to work remotely whether at home, on the road or traveling abroad. It is not intended to be a personal ISP for employees.

Q. How does it work?
A.   Access is provided through a Web site solution. Hardware is staged in Europe and North America to provide access and redundancy. Once you have accessed the site and logged in you will have the ability to access applications, e-mail, shared drives, company Web sites and more.

Q. What is the "approved anti-virus software"?
A.   See attached file.
Approved G2V anti-virus software (PDF)

Q. Why can't I view my personal Outlook files (.pst)?
A.   If you are using a company provided PC with the Visteon Global Client (VGC) you will have access to your .pst files along with any other files located on that PC. When using other PCs (home, friends,..) you will not have access to those files since they reside on the VGC PC.

Q. Is it secure?
A.   Yes. However, all users are responsible and accountable for safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Visteon information and information resources.

In order to ensure the proper protection of Visteon information and information resources, G2V remote access service users must:

  • utilize the service and other Visteon information resources accessible via the service only for legitimate and authorized business purposes,
  • log-off of the service when not in use and when the non-Visteon computer used for the remote access would be left unattended for an extended time,
  • not post, disclose, or store passwords used to access Visteon information and information resources,
  • activate a password screen saver when leaving the non-Visteon computer unattended while the remote access service is operational,
  • store Visteon sensitive information only on access controlled Visteon network drives,
  • not download and store Visteon sensitive information on non-Visteon equipment and storage devices/media,
  • secure all hardcopy documents containing Visteon sensitive information after printing and while in use,
  • lock-up all hardcopy documents containing Visteon sensitive information when not in use,
  • shred all hardcopy documents containing Visteon sensitive information when no longer needed.

Q. What can I access from my home computer?
A.  You can access any application to which you have approved access, shared drives, e-mail, ...

Q. Are there any limitations to what I can access from my home computer?
A. Yes. Any file stored on your company computer's hard drive will not be accessible from a remote computer. Also, Outlook personal folders (.pst) are not accessible because the files are typically stored in the My Documents folder on the C Drive, or hard drive.

Q. Are there special operating requirements to access the network from my home computer?
A.   Yes. There is a client load which does not require any interaction from the user. This will automatically be loaded. There is also the anti-virus software requirement with a current .dat file.

Q. How do I remove the RAS software from my system?
A. Employees should not remove the RAS software. Once activated, network access should be made through G2V Web site to avoid RAS connection charge.

Q. Can I use RAS the evening of migration if I need to work?
A.   Yes

Q. Why did Visteon select G2V?
A.   Visteon chose G2V to replace the current VConnect solution to reduce costs, consolidate remote access solutions and provide a less complex remote access solution to the Visteon network.

Q. I have dial-up connectivity, can I use G2V?
A.   Yes. However you may want to access Visteon directly with the local numbers provided by RAS.

Q. What do I do with my SecurID token?
A.   SecurID tokens contain lithium batteries and should be disposed with battery waste. Refer to your local facility requirements or contact your facility's environmental coordinator for more information.

Q. On the logon page for the portal, there is a New User ID Request link.  Do I need to go to this link and register to use G2V?
A. No.  This link is provided for new JV users that require CDSIDs and passwords in order to access the Web Bookmarks. 
Q. How do I connect to the Visteon network?  How will I know when I’m connected?
A. Press the Start icon, which is part of the Network Connect, to initiate the connection to the Visteon network.  This will take several minutes.  Once established the connection icon will appear in the taskbar.