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Employee Resource Groups
Visteon has a rich community in the form of resource groups that are initiated and chartered by employees and are open to all employees. These self-organized groups support networking, career development, social activities and community outreach. Through sharing of diverse cultures, backgrounds and orientations, Visteon can fully embrace diversity while delivering on its commitments. Visteon supports these five employee resource groups:

Visteon African Ancestry Network
Since its inception in 1999, the Visteon African Ancestry Network has met regularly to promote its uniquely Visteon-focused projects and build membership. Its objectives are to:

  • Educate members regarding successful personal strategies that promote the accomplishment of company objectives;
  • Offer opportunities for self-development;
  • Develop a formal mentoring system for members;
  • Provide a venue for employee networking; and
  • Enhance the recruitment process to attract qualified candidates to Visteon.

Open to salaried employees of Visteon, this group is a dynamic networking organization that provides its members numerous, exciting forums to meet the company's senior managers, subject matter experts, members of other groups and each other.

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Visteon Asian Indian Association
This team works to engage employees of Asian Indian origin in support of Visteon's objectives by leveraging the diverse perspectives of its members and striving to create and maintain an inclusive environment. The group:

  • Provides an Asian Indian perspective to Visteon on business and product matters;
  • Provides a forum for networking, mentoring and corporate citizenship activities;
  • Provides multiple platforms to increase awareness and understanding of the cultural differences to improve the global team's effectiveness;
  • Increases group awareness and participation among Visteon employees globally; and
  • Supports new business opportunities with Indian automakers.

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Visteon Asia Pacific Employee Network
By encouraging Visteon to recruit, develop and retain outstanding and highly qualified people of Asia Pacific heritage, this prominent resource group supports Visteon's diversity and business objectives. This group:

  • Supports corporate strategies and business objectives, provding an Asia Pacific perspective;
  • Enhances awareness and understanding of Asia Pacific culture among Visteon employees;
  • Promotes participation, involvement and teamwork; and
  • Advocates the business value of diversity.

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Straight Allies and Gay Employees (SAGE)
SAGE is a formal organization for employees who are lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans-gendered (LGBT), as well as the group's heterosexual allies who support SAGE's objectives. It is open to salaried, hourly, and retired employees as well as active agency contractors of Visteon, its subsidiaries or affiliates. Its mission is to make Visteon Corporation an employer of choice for LGBT persons, by fostering an inclusive and supportive work atmosphere.

SAGE's objectives include:

  • Promoting an understanding of the workplace-related concerns and sensitivities of LGBT persons at Visteon;
  • Striving for a safe, harassment-free, work environment;
  • Advocating the business value of diversity; and
  • Providing a venue for networking, socializing and communication among Visteon's LGBT employees and allies.

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Women in Visteon
Women in Visteon was chartered in 1999 and was Visteon's first unique resource group. Its mission is to create and provide an environment that:

  • Appreciates and values differences;
  • Inspires participation and teamwork;
  • Contributes to personal success/self-development;
  • Provides networking opportunities/learning from others;
  • Supports the organizational goal to attract and retain women;
  • Communicates the needs of Women in Visteon; and
  • Provides a resource for women in Visteon.

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