An Insider’s Guide to Getting Your Resume Noticed

By Kenya Bulluck, Associate Director, Talent Management, Global Programs and Policies

At Visteon, we hire experienced professionals across the globe for all types of positions in engineering and other fields. Naturally, the qualifications and skills we seek vary considerably among regions and job categories, but some practices apply to our hiring processes for positions at any Visteon location.

In the application, interview and follow-up stages for every job opening, certain factors guide us in our selections. We’ll explore those areas in this series of blog posts to help you, as a candidate, ensure that you are at your best during interactions with Visteon.

The hiring process begins with your resume. If you follow these six tips, you’ll have a good chance of moving your resume toward consideration:

  • DIFFERENTIATE YOURSELF– Using a template from Word or other boilerplate designs doesn’t add value. Your resume should be creative, but also succinct and easy to read. Place a summary at the top, and use a bulleted format. You have about 15 seconds to convince the recruiter to read further.
  • MAKE IT RELEVANT – In some locations, we use software to identify keywords in resumes based on the descriptions of jobs for which candidates are applying. For technology roles, those keywords might relate to specific software, platforms or systems experience critical to the position. I recommend candidates thoroughly review the job description, and align your interest and experience accordingly, since managers are looking for specific information and put considerable effort into matching the right people with open positions. Focus your time and effort applying for jobs for which you’re qualified.
  • KEEP YOUR PROFILE CURRENT – LinkedIn is the primary online resource we use to find people who may not directly apply but who may be ideal for an open position. We match profiles from LinkedIn with our job descriptions and frequently discover highly qualified candidates. Be sure your profile is current and includes newly acquired skills and new technologies that you’ve mastered. Be aware that no Visteon recruiter will ever ask you for personal information, such as your social security number or financial information, nor require you to purchase your own equipment for employment.
  • BE ACCURATE – Our managers have immediately rejected candidates whose resumes contained spelling errors. If you can’t take the time to ensure your resume is accurate, chances are errors would show up in your work as well. Also, don’t inflate your experience. If you stretch the truth, it will become evident during the interview stage—or worse, after you’re hired. Instead, present some good examples of your experience; for technology roles, state when and where you have used particular technologies.
  • SHOW INTEREST – Visteon’s social media channels provide insight into what the company does and our corporate culture. It may help your chances if we are aware of you through posts or comments on Visteon’s social sites, but be thoughtful in your commentary. We pay special attention to those who follow a lot of Visteon employees and Visteon as a company. We want candidates who are interested in us.
  • TAKE INITIATIVE – If you’re truly interested in Visteon, join our Talent Networkand sign up for alerts so you’ll be notified as soon as a position becomes available. We try to fill open jobs within 90 days; the sooner you apply, the more quickly you’re placed in the candidate pool. Above all, learn who we are and what we do before you begin the application process.

The most important thing you can do when applying is to be honest. This applies to your resume and the job interview. You’re best served by representing yourself as exactly who you are, and we’ll do the same. We want our relationship with you to be a great long-term partnership.

As global strategic staffing associate director, Kenya Bulluck brings 18 years of human resources experience to lead recruiting at Visteon. During her career, Kenya has been on the forefront of utilizing new technology and platforms that have revolutionized the recruiting and hiring process for professionals, college graduates and interns. Kenya received an MBA in Human Resources from Michigan State University and is an active member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the American Society of Employers.