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Building a Bridge for a Mobility Power Trip

Vehicles today have exponentially increased the amount of electronics they use to give occupants an enjoyable driving experience. This enhanced capability does come at a cost – more power is required. This latest blog from Chris Andrews provides some insight and solutions to address this issue.


Visteon SmartCore™ Technology

Visteon's SmartCore™ is an industry first – taking multiple, independent graphics streams and compositing them to provide the appropriate level of information to the driver and passenger. Multiple domains are able to run side-by-side on scalable hardware through a number of operating systems that reduce complexity and enhance the value of the connected car.


USA Today

"Trust will be very key to the acceptance of self-driving cars. We'll need to redefine terms like 'car,' and retrain the way we think. Autos in the past had a front and back, but in the future they may not be directional."

Richard Vaughan, manager of design experience at Visteon
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