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In the Driver’s Seat with Visteon’s Tim Yerdon

After more than two decades in the automotive and innovation space, Tim Yerdon’s passion for the intersection of the two is contagious. As global leader for marketing and communications at Visteon, he champions collaboration across tech, auto and government agencies to advance automotive electronics. We sat down with this market leader to talk motivations, industry shifts and the future of automotive tech.

Demonstrating OpenAir® Audio and Infotainment Capabilities

The OpenAir® brand of connected premium audio and infotainment products delivers affordable multi-device connectivity with superior performance and features. OpenAir® helps automakers understand how drivers use their infotainment systems and opens the door for the introduction of new services and applications.


A Conversation with Cyber Security Expert Srini Adiraju

With increased connectivity comes an increased risk of cyber security attacks – and with the auto industry having experienced several highly publicized system hacks, Visteon is addressing cyber security at the core of its technology development. To ensure that security is designed into all products and processes, a team of cyber security experts – with experience across a range of industries – is working with the company’s technology and product development centers to cyber-secure future technology.


Changing Your View of What’s Cool in Displays

Where would you look for the coolest innovations in display screens? Your laptop or fitness bracelet? Probably not. Your new smartphone? Maybe. What about your car’s instrument panel? You may be surprised to find that the latest screens on your dashboard are among the most exciting and versatile displays anywhere.



Visteon Multi-Layer Display Cluster Concept

This concept enables distinctive, visually striking 3-D graphics using two displays in one instrument cluster – a traditional thin-film transistor (TFT) in the back and transparent display in the front. The physical separation of the displays enables the user to see images on two distinct planes, providing a sense of depth which allows for more effective visualization of important driver information elements.



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