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May 22-27
Visteon’s Paul Weindorf, technical fellow, and Dr. Yanning Zhao, innovation project manager, present technical papers at Display Week 2016 in San Francisco, California
June 1
Andrew Rice, CAE mechanical engineer, presents on electronics and thermal design and measurement at the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) Automotive Conference in Dearborn, Michigan
June 9
Visteon to Conduct 2016 Annual Meeting of Shareholders in Van Buren Township, Michigan
Latest News

Bulgarian President Helps Visteon Open New Sofia Technical Center

The Sofia technical center is not only a success story for Visteon, it is also recognized as an important part of Bulgaria’s rapidly growing technology sector. In its 15-year history, the technical center has grown to become Visteon’s largest development hub and, in Bulgaria, Sofia is ranked as the largest creator for automotive development as well as the country’s second largest research and development operation overall.

Visteon Introduces Seamless Technology with Latest Hybrid Cluster

Visteon’s new seamless hybrid instrument cluster, first displayed at the International CES® 2016, takes the concept of a smooth and unbroken display interface by hiding display openings so apertures and margin gaps are invisible – Visteon's capability and craftsmanship in creating highly decorative cluster designs.


In the News: Sachin Lawande Talks Cockpit Electronics Strategy with Automotive World

In the April issue of Automotive World, chief editor, Martin Kahl and Lawande discuss the key trends that will pave the way for connected and autonomous driving. The comprehensive interview covers a range of topical industry subjects including electronic control unit (ECU) consolidation, SmartDevice Link, HMI development and the car within the ecosystem of the Internet of Things.


10 Ways Young Engineers Can Help the Auto Industry

I was destined to be an engineer even before I knew what one was. Growing up in Dearborn, Michigan, I loved to help people and redesign things like remote-control race cars, robots and computers. My family instilled in me a strong sense of both my American identity and my Lebanese heritage, and I viewed engineering as one of the few effective ways I could positively impact my community and nations around the world.


Visteon Multi-Layer Display Cluster Concept

This concept enables distinctive, visually striking 3-D graphics using two displays in one instrument cluster – a traditional thin-film transistor (TFT) in the back and transparent display in the front. The physical separation of the displays enables the user to see images on two distinct planes, providing a sense of depth which allows for more effective visualization of important driver information elements.



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